Strengthening Muslim Children Around The World


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Why Emaan Power?

Emaan Power is probably the only world-wide Islamic Program in the world. The focus of our programs is not just to teach them but to increase their emaan which can only truly be achieved through getting them into action!

  • A unique and inspiring experience.
  • Buddy program, make a friend from across the world
  • Community service projects
  • Short courses
  • Bringing children together from across the world together in the path of Allah(swt).
  • Motivation and Empowering children
  • Contextualised education with practical implementation excercies
  • All of these combined make our courses a memorable experience for the kids

Our Vision

We believe if given a little support and guidance our children can surprise us with great achievements. A better future for the ummah cannot be built without the successful and righteous children of our ummah, who have the emaan and confidence to work towards the betterment of our ummah. InshaAllah with the help of Allah(swt) we will teach the children all over the world to be the leaders we all hope they would be for our ummah.

Company Of RasulAllah(saws) - The course that impacted the lives of so many is back!

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